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About 458

More Informations about 458

Not without reason get the Ferrari 458 a benchmark for the supercar world.

The Ferrari 458 is the smallest car of the company but extremely fast and beautiful to drive!
Most car magazines said the 458 is widely regarded as the best mid-engined supercar of the last five years.

Ferrari 458 Italia

The name of Ferrari has always reminded us of perfect style and unmatched performance. And when a new model is being introduced, expectations from the car brand are high to unveil something that will surpass the previous models with unmatched specifications and new eye catching style. Indeed, the unveiling of 458 Italia certainly met the expectations attached with it.

Ferrari 458 Spider

Of all the types and models of cars this world has seen, it is without doubt that the Ferrari is one of the best and widely appraised ones. Every car model Ferrari has given us surpasses the previous one with its own specialty and originality. The 458 Spider Ferrari is no less; it’s one of the best models of Ferrari and has lived up to the reputation it has been given.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

The mid-engine V8 Ferraris have been, over the course of the company's history, mostly the entry level Ferraris. They happened to be more “affordable” than their bigger and fancier cousins. But then, The Ferrari 458 Italia was unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, changing forever the typical “Baby Ferrari”, and hence the budget friendly, perception of the V8s.

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How Ferrari Work

Ferrari is an Italian sports car brand. Besides the production of sports car, have the brand an own team in the Formula 1 World Championship.


Ferrari is building the world's unique and best supercars.


Ferrari is a pioneer from every point of view like engine, design, aerodynamics, handling, instrumentation and ergonomics.


Ferrari is focused on fantastic design, combined with technology and extremly performance.


Powerful, amazing and unique!
More than 65 years!

Ferrari 458 Italia red on the streetFerrari 458 Italia white on the street

458 Italia

Short Review

Ferrari 458 Italia is the first variant of the Ferrari 458 series which was introduced to the public at the 2009 Frankfurt show.
This two seat Ferrari has a V8 4500 cc engine producing 562 horsepower and 400 pound -feet of torque.
The engine also supports direct fuel injection, for the very first time in Ferrari mid-engine cars.

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About 458 Italia

According to Ferrari; speed of Ferrari 458 increases from 0 to 100 kph in just 2.9-3.0 seconds. Ferrari 458 can reach a maximum of 325 kph. Fuel consumption is estimated to be around 13.3 L/100 km.

As always, design of this car was designed by Pininfarina. Design was made to provide breathtaking exterior style and improved aerodynamic efficiency.

Ferrari 458 Spider redFerrari 458 Spider red on the street

458 Spider

Short Review

The 458 Spider Ferrari is the convertible version of the 458 Ferrari Italia which was first premiered in 2011.
It offers an open air experience, unlike the Italia, for those who prefer the natural outside air
and atmosphere brushing through their faces during their long daily drives.

Ferrari 458 Spider

About 458 Spider

The 458 Spider’s rooftop design is different from the 430 Spider, with a more accommodating mechanical system. Lighter and much more efficient than that of the 430 Spider, the roof hardtop of the 458 Ferrari can be lowered in just 14 seconds.

The Spider is fitted with carbon fiber brakes which are extremely effective in bringing the car to a halt from even the greatest of its capable speeds. Its engine has also been redesigned to accommodate these additional features.

Ferrari 458 Speciale redFerrari 458 Speciale

458 Speciale

Short Review

The junior Ferrari became a complete supercar with the introduction of 458 Italia. It has been lauded worldwide with many considering it no less than an outstanding piece of art. The “Ferrari 458 Speciale” picks up right from where the Italia left.
The Ferrari “Special” Series always add more focused sports car features and enhancements over the basic model.

Ferrari 458 Speciale on action

About 458 Speciale

The 458 Speciale is no exception in this regard. The innovations are found throughout the build of the car especially in the performance region, e.g. the active aerodynamics, vehicle dynamics etc.

What Ferrari has basically done with the 458 making the Speciale version is reducing the weight while increasing the power thus, increasing the performance as well. Though the engine is 4497cc just like the Italia, but it features new cam geometry with higher valve lift.

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“It’s the highest Performance V8 Ever”
"Beauty Elegance"
"Purely Exciting"

— Ferrari 458 Speciale —

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